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Plunged into times of darkness and despair, the world of Vanguard is very different now than it has been in the recent past. The rise of the Sekhmet, the Queen of thorns, was a signal of doom for all the goodly races of Vanguard.

  Her malignant power has grown extensively in the past years, and it is rumored that she is responsible even for "stealing the sun", as the common folk say; the sun has not risen for five depressing months, and many necromancers and evil clerics, who have previously hidden from the world, have now taken positions of power within the heirarchy of lands belonging to the Queen of Thorns. Lands previously ruled by benevolent mayors and wise priests now suffer under the harsh tyranny of evil dictators. Even the dead roam the land (sometimes of their own free will) and feral beasts lurk within dark enchanted forests.

There are few lands that have escaped the icy grip of the Dark Queen's influence, and those are the havens in which the goodly races flock. It is in those lands that tomorows heroes are trained and hope is born. They are few amongst the many, but through their strength, the hope of the people will live on. How long, exactly, is to be determined. 


This is the age in which darkness falls.

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